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It’s funny, I think that people a lot of times people [in theatre] go ‘he’s from television and film’ and then people [in television and film] go ‘hey, he’s from theatre’.

Like, you do your stuff and they cut a character into it.

That was what was great about As you mentioned, it was an all-star professional cast. I mean, it’s called the Coal Mine and it felt like that.

But you played in a very indie-feeling space literally underneath a pizza parlour for almost no money. It felt like we would go into a coal mine every day and we’d be sifting for jewels there.

I got to travel with it to Banff for a week when they workshopped it there. She’s a very great playwright because what you end up doing is getting more serious yourself about the character she writes and the answers aren’t all there.

Hannah writes in a way that is just how actors like; she just gets it. They are there, but you kind of have to do the research to support it, and if you do do the research, you find that she did the research so you feel very supported in what you’re doing because she’s still on top of the story.

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