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You best not cut anyone off or undertake some other type of maneuver that might inconvenience the 200-pound, six-foot-five brawling children you see on You Tube hopping out of their SUVs with their dukes up.

This dramatic extortion scheme was common, until the Age of the Dash-cam.

The city of Vladivostock is much like San Francisco in terrain, with hilly streets and limited visibility.

So you have these kids who barely know how to drive, armed with very powerful Japanese cars and cheap, used autos–often fitted with aftermarket nitrus systems.

It’s uncensored–drama, comedy, tragedy, horror, thriller and educational genres fused into one super-genre of “dash-cam.” Who needs Klitschko when you can watch two tough guys box in the street? The Ru CHP Live Journal community is where all the major crashes, fights and deaths are aggregated.

These are followed by a barrage of troll comment threads. Sometimes seeing a BMW and its driver pulverized by an oncoming truck while the Internet makes jokes is good driver’s ed.

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